Fitness Studios


Getting enough new visitors
coming in the door

Converting enough first-time visitors
into regular members

Retaining members year-after-year

Pricing strategies that result in profit


Using the data from your studio management software, we’ll track the things that directly impact your revenue.

You’ll move the needle in the right direction by knowing what changes to make, and when to make them.

Our partnership with MindBody means you get
the best software and accounting support for
your fitness studio.

Not using MindBody?
No problem! We’ll work with whatever studio management software you’re currently using.

Unsure how to use your MindBody reports to record revenue in your accounting system?

Our handy guide shows you step-by-step just how to do it!


Single location

You opened your studio because you love training
people, and are excited to keep growing it

Franchise or multi-location

You’ve had success with your studios and want to
build something bigger than yourself

Thinking about opening a studio

You’ve planned for it and are ready
to make it happen

Professional and friendly, and puts you at ease.

We’ve been with Numberwise since 2015. We are very satisfied with the level of service we receive. They are always available for consulting and give sound advice. The Numberwise team is professional and friendly, putting you at ease. We highly recommend them to anybody looking for a highly qualified, capable and dependable accountant.

Rekha and Dr Joshi


Clarity on your goals & plan
to reach them

We’ll talk about your goals and look at where you’re at now. Then, we’ll decide on what numbers to track that tie to those goals.

More time spent doing
what you love

Focus on what you do best- helping people with their fitness and growing your membership. We’ll take care of your bookkeeping and taxes.

Numbers that make sense and
conversations around them

In our monthly or annual meetings with you, we’ll discuss the numbers you’re tracking and suggest changes that will keep you moving towards your goals.

Not ready? That’s okay

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