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Paying Your Fitness Instructors as Contractors? Don’t Fall Into These Traps

Having employees is tough (and expensive). That’s why some fitness studio owners try to avoid the problem by classifying all their workers, including their instructors, as contractors. No payroll to process, no extra taxes, no employee paperwork. But have these owners solved their problem? Or created an even bigger one that could put them out of business? How Not to Be Like Uber Some high-profile stories have put the worker…  Read more

Keeping Score: 3 Simple But Effective Metrics for Gym Owners

Successful fitness professionals know the importance of keeping score. When your clients are trying to get into shape, you track things like body composition, workout results, and nutritional intake to help them meet their fitness goals. The numbers help you track performance and make sure the things you are doing are working. If you aren’t keeping score, how do you know if you’re winning? The same can be said for…  Read more

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