Andy Smith

Andy Smith

The Founder
(805) 585-3796

Andy has been a CPA since 2004 (pretty impressive, huh?). Several years of working in big business taught him how to efficiently move numbers from one column to another. In his spare time, he enjoys rooting for the Angels and Everton (that is an English soccer team). He might tell you he likes playing baseball and soccer – but let’s get serious, the last time he picked up a glove he still had brown hair. He lives with his wife Sarah, his daughter Juliana and his son Henry in Newbury Park, CA.

In his own words:

“There is a different type of energy working with someone who is trying to grow a business – trying to build something bigger than themself. The numbers help them get there.”

Duties: Leads the strategic vision of the company, Signs all those fun tax returns, Tries not to get in the way too much

Fun Fact: He once bowled a 300 game