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Virtual Bookkeeping Tools

Virtual Bookkeeping Tools
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Have you ever loved a product or service so much, you want to tell everyone about it? That’s how we feel about many of the software and tools we use at Numberwise to build our client platforms. We work with many different types of businesses, so we need tools that are flexible enough to suit each client’s needs. Here are some of our favorites.

Recommended Tools for Bookkeeping and More

  • Xero – beautiful accounting software
  • Gusto – payroll, benefits and HR at the next level
  • – AP simplified
  • Breevy – time-saving text expander

One thing these programs have in common is that they all talk to each other. Having communication across your software platforms makes work more efficient and cuts down administrative time spent managing your business. 

Xero – The Accounting Software Superstar

It’s a common debate amongst cloud-based accountants: which is better – Quickbooks Online or Xero? For the Numberwise team, our choice is Xero, hands down. Xero is a straightforward, user-friendly accounting software with an amazing support team. Once you set up the online bank feeds, Xero automatically pulls in your banking and credit card activities. Reconciling each transaction is a piece of cake, as is generating and sending invoices. Thanks to their mobile app, you can access your company’s information anywhere you have your phone. 

Xero has an open ended platform, allowing you to select add ons from a very large and growing list of programs to customize your services offered. This allows all of your different softwares to talk to each other and share data.  We highly recommend checking out Xero – you will not be dissapointed. – Straightforward Way to Manage AP helps simplify accounts payable. Say goodbye to the manual process of writing and mailing paper checks. Everything can be done online. allows you to assemble a virtual team and manage who approves and pays bills to create a predetermined workflow for the A/P process. They also help extract bill details saving time on input and data entry. The best part is that it syncs with Xero, so data is automatically entered into your accounting system.

Gusto – Simplify Onboarding, Payroll, & Benefits 

Payroll can be one of the trickiest aspects of running a small business, but Gusto can change that. Their team helps you onboard your employees and get everything setup just how you need it. Once your company is set up and benefits are added, approving and paying payroll is a cinch. Gusto’s support team can hold your hand through the process of managing all of your payroll needs. Gusto offers the ability to put payroll on auto-pilot and have it synchronize with Xero and other programs. They also handle all of the tax payments and quarterly and annual filings. When it comes to payroll, Gusto can handle the heavy lifting.

Breevy – Sleeper Special Saves Time and Effort

Breevy is not an accounting software or tool. But, it is a surprisingly helpful time-saving program that’s incredibly easy to use. We won’t sugar coat it – it’s a text expander. It may not sound fancy, but believe me when I say it can save a TON of time. Maybe only a few seconds at a time….but it ADDS UP! If you are on your computer nearly as much as me, this is a must.

Breevy allows you to create a shortcut which, when used, expands to a pre-programmed text of your choice. I personally have entire email templates saved that I produce with just a few keystrokes. It helps for naming conventions, usernames, client names, or common sentences you find yourself typing multiple times throughout the day. Talk about a boost to productivity!

Bottom Line 

We definitely appreciate the old saying, ‘work smarter, not harder’, and that’s what these platforms are all about. If there’s a platform or tool you’ve found that saves you time and effort in your accounting management or general business operations, we would love to hear about it.

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