Bizarre Fitness Trends

Bizarre Fitness Trends

In the era of Covid, some people have become very focused on their fitness, while others have turned to food (and booze) for comfort. Hoping to join the fitness-minded camp, I began searching for a fun workout option to mix things up. In this search, I came across some strange and intriguing fitness ideas! I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite weird workouts and bizarre fitness trends for you to explore:

Naked Yoga

Exactly as it sounds – doing yoga while completely naked, surrounded by other also naked participants. For any of you who have taken yoga I’m sure you can picture how this would look. The first thing that came to mind was the downward dog pose – yikes!  

Equipment needed: none, just a bit of courage 

Skijoring (ski driving)

Skijoring involves strapping your dog to a harness while they pull you on skis. I can’t really tell how this is a workout but it does sound fun. Skijoring has been around for quite a while and is officially considered a sport. If you don’t have a dog but happen to have access to a horse, they will serve the same purpose.  

Equipment needed: skis, animal equipment, towing equipment, animal strong enough to pull you

Ganja Yoga

Another yoga class that doesn’t need much explanation. You partake in a recreational drug – namely cannabis or marijuana – then take a yoga class. It’s said this enhances spiritual awareness, among other benefits. I wonder if they provide snacks after class.

Equipment needed: ganja and related paraphernalia

Karaoke spin class

Meant to combine a fun, party atmosphere with a stationary bike class. Depending on the quality of singers in your class, this could either be an entertaining or awful experience. Personally I’m hesitant to try this one. I’m not sure I could bear an hour-long spin class combined with off-key singing.

Equipment needed: spin bike, vocal chords

Goat yoga

Yoga practiced in the presence of, and in tandem with, goats. Goats are free to climb on you while you practice yoga poses, and are available for cuddling. It’s considered a form of animal therapy. I imagine a large goat jumping on my back would be painful. Maybe I’d try it if they’re baby goats!

Equipment needed: goat(s)


Think of kranking as a spin class for arms. It’s basically a bike but instead of pedalling, you are kranking with your arms. Apparently it’s a great cardio workout for your arms and shoulders – areas of the body that are mostly neglected by many forms of cardio.

Equipment needed: kranking machine

Stiletto workout

Just as you’d imagine, a stiletto workout involves doing squats, lunges, and more in heels that are three inches tall or higher. As if working out in regular shoes isn’t hard enough! The class is meant to increase participants’ balance and confidence in their heels. For those wondering about the risk of injury – keeping your core engaged is supposed to help keep you upright. Even so, a waiver must be signed before participating. 

Equipment needed: stilettos

Bottom Line

If you’re bored with the same old workout routine, there are plenty of options out there to try. Have you experienced any of these unique workouts for yourself? Or is there something on the list that piqued your interest? It’s not too early to start thinking about new year’s resolutions! 

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