Financial Fitness Assessment

Not sure if your bookkeeping is in order?

Get reassurance with a Financial Fitness Assessment

Are your bookkeeping processes sound? Be confident you’re on the right path, and tracking the numbers that are important to your business.

A strong business requires a rock solid financial foundation, and it all starts with bookkeeping.

A Financial Fitness Assessment will help if you:

Are doing your own books, but you’re not sure you are doing things right
Have a bookkeeper but you’re not sure they are doing things right

We’ll help you find out if your books are in good shape

To learn more about if an assessment is a fit for your business, schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

It’s simple.

Reach out and let us know you want help.
We’ll ask some initial questions about your business to prepare a quote.
You then give us access to your books.
We’ll take a look at the numbers and ask follow-up questions.
You’ll receive a summary of our findings with 3-5 recommended actions to improve your bookkeeping processes.

With our advice, you’ll have the confidence to carry out your bookkeeping properly and more efficiently. If you want support to implement some of the actions, we can help you with that as well.

Start small with a 15 minute call

Find out if the Financial Fitness Assessment is right for you.

Just tell us a little more about your situation, and we’ll get a call on the calendar.

FAQ for the Financial Fitness Assessment


Q: Will the recommended actions just involve hiring Numberwise?

A: No, the Financial Fitness Assessment summary will not simply recommend hiring Numberwise to fix any problems or take over your bookkeeping.

Q: If you find we have a good bookkeeping foundation, does that mean we won’t get recommendations or advice?

A: If your bookkeeping processes are in tip-top shape (hooray!), recommendations may include steps to save time, increase efficiency, or work toward your goals as they relate to accounting. We won’t leave you empty-handed.

Q: Does it matter what accounting software/platform my business uses?

A: Yes. We offer these assessments for businesses using Xero, Quickbooks Online, and the desktop version of Quickbooks.

Q: Is the Financial Fitness Assessment the same as an audit or review?

A: No. This is not an “audit” or “review” of your business or financial statements. Those terms are reserved for more in-depth and very specific accounting services. We will be focusing on your processes – not the accuracy of the numbers.