How can I get started?

The simple answer is to click here. We know people are usually pretty anxious to get started, but we want to make sure Numberwise is the right fight for your business. So we will have some questions for you before we prepare a proposal of services and prices. But once we get all that figured out, it is smooth sailing from there.

What kind of information do I need to get started?

We want to better understand how you are currently doing things so we know how to help. Here are some questions we will probably ask you:

  • What accounting system do you currently use (if any)?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • How many bank accounts do you have?
  • What are your long-term goals for the business?
How much does it cost?

That is a complicated question – sort of like asking “How much does it cost to build a home?”

After first contacting us, we will ask you for some information that will help us propose some service packages. Those packages will all have a proposed price. So you will always know in advance exactly how much you will be paying, and you will never be surprised by a bill. And all of our services are backed by our full guarantee – if you aren’t happy, you don’t pay.


How Long Should I Keep My Business Documents?
3 Years  Prospective employee job applications (even if they weren’t hired) Employee hiring records Employee FMLA records and all documentation including dates and number of leave hours taken Former employee I-9 forms (from the date of termination) 4 Years Employment tax records including timesheets, wages and tips, retirement payments, disability/sick benefits, and any additional deductions/payments
How Long Should I Keep My Personal Documents?
1 Year  Paystubs Monthly bank and credit card statements Utility bills Receipts for minor purchases (once you’ve checked them against your bank/credit card statements) Expired auto and home insurance policies Vehicle or property leases/agreements (after deposits are received back from the owner) 3 Years  1099’s W-2’s  7 Years Disability records Records of loans that have

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