About us

Our Story

The Numberwise Accounting team is a small group of folks who believe accurate numbers
empower business owners to make smart decisions and reach their goals. We love working
with people that have a fire in their belly and are passionate about growing their business,
embrace technology, and value the benefit of expert advice.

The Team

Our clients share our values

We’re enthusiastic.
Optimists by nature,
with a positive

We have integrity. There’s
no compromising on our
morals to get ahead. We do
the right thing, even if it’s
the hard thing.

We’re all about
ingenuity. We believe
the best learning
happens outside of our
comfort zone.

We have an
entrepreneurial spirit. We
don’t let good ideas sit on
the back burner. If it’s
going to change us for
the better, we act on it.

”The best part about working with Numberwise is that we can stay on
top of our cash flow without having to add any full-time accounting staff.
That is vital for a growing company like ours.”

Mark Wolfe, Co-Founder & CEO, RRKidz

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