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Tadd Wooton

Founder, The Idea Guy
Tadd’s accounting career started at Deloitte & Touche – where his greatest achievement was learning to use a 10-key. He caught the entrepreneurial bug early, and has spent the last decade working with start-ups and small businesses (including his own accounting firm). He claims he has the ability to fall asleep anywhere anytime in under 3 minutes. He lives with his wife Bridget, their son Braden and their daughter Taylor in Simi Valley, CA.In his own words:

“Too many accountants hide behind a veil of complexity. My view: If business owners cannot draw meaningful insights from timely financial data, then everyone is wasting a lot of time.”

Duties: Advises the company on marketing and product development, Thinks up funny taglines, Plays a mean guitar

Fun Fact: Body-surfed on the Pepperdine University Surf Team

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